Our Institute

What is the Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing?

At Tecmilenio University we have created the Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing, which promotes well-being through:

  1. Teaching the foundations for leading a full life
  2. Proposing positive practices for our students and staff that promote happiness
  3. Research the basic principles of well-being.
  4. Share the results of our experience and research.

What is our work based on?

Our work is based on Positive Psychology, which investigates what works well in people’s lives and organizations, and how these elements can enhance the people’s happiness.

Via our International Forum for the Science of Happiness, we aim to share the most important results of research on happiness, through participation from world experts in Positive Psychology.

What’s our goal?

At Tecmilenio University, we’ve implemented an Ecosystem of Well-being and Happiness that fosters the positive transformation of the life of our community and in the broader society, through four lines of action:

  • 1Teaching about well-being through courses, degree programs and postgraduate courses in Positive Psychology.
  • 2Live well-being, applying what we know about well-being in our daily life in the University.
  • 3Providing services for well-being, offering training, coaching, and consultation based on Positive Psychology for organizations and companies.
  • 4Researching well-being by generating more knowledge about happiness and how to make the most of it.


We start once a year in January. Contact us to learn of about new places and dates for this program as they become available.

Tecmilenio University and the Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing established this Master´s of Positive Leadership in 2016.

The Master's in Positive Leadership (MLP) seeks to train professionals capable of leading the implementation of positive interventions in their sphere of influence in Mexico and the world, to increase levels of well-being and satisfaction, both in the organizations in which they work and in their community. It is a program that attracts a variety of professions, which enriches points of view, learning dynamics and diversity.

The MLP has a duration of one year, covering 12 subjects:

  • 1. Scientific study of Positive Psychology
  • 2. Well-being models
  • 3. Positivity and Positive Relationships
  • 4. Goals and sense of life
  • 5. Research Methods
  • 6. Engagement and strengths of character
  • 7. Social wellbeing models
  • 8. Positive Organizational Models
  • 9. Capstone seminar 1
  • 10. Organizational Practices and Positive Interventions
  • 11. Positive Leadership
  • 12. Capstone seminar 1

What kind of leader do you want to be?

At the end of this Master's Degree, graduates will professionals capable of leading the implementation positive interventions in their sphere of influence.

They will be able to increase well-being and happiness in both the organizations where they work and in their communities.

These programs are based in two locations; Mexico City CDMX and Monterrey, course work is in Spanish, monthly meetings are ran either in English or Spanish according to the instructor.

Limited availability: two groups of 35 people are accepted among 200 applications we receive.

These requirements must be sent by the applicant to the campus coordinator of the location where you intend to take the course.

The graduate of the MLP program will have knowledge in:

The foundations of Positive Leadership theory.

The theoretical foundations of positivity, involvement, and meaning.

Tools for the analyzing happiness and well-being.

Character strengths for personal development

Benefits of positive relationships.

Theories and concepts of Positive Psychology as they apply to organizations.

Social well-being.

The Graduate of the MLP program will develop skills for:

Effectively communicating the results of their work to people from any field, both verbally and in writing.

Evaluating levels of well-being using appropriate tools.

Designing comprehensive activities and programs based on the scientific findings and existing tools in Positive Psychology to promote well-being in different contexts.

Generating proposals that contribute to people and communities living fuller, more fulfilled lives.

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